Need someone to guide you as your event date approaches to make sure everything is in place before and on the day?

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This package allows couples the chance to get involved and do all their own wedding planning .  You would do all the planning for the event up to 6 weeks prior to the wedding (suppliers, preliminary timelines, styling, menus, bar arrangements, contingencies, budget etc)

At that stage we have our first consult and you ‘hand over’ the portfolio to us.  Any aspects of the wedding planning which we feel is too grey, or maybe forgotten, we will run through with you and aid you to make an active decision on the event/choice/option at question.  Generally the couple still do this finalisation with the said suppliers.

Once all aspects of the day have been detailed, we actively introduce ourselves to your suppliers as the new point of contact so that you are hopefully not bombarded with the list of questions that usually ensues in the few weeks before the wedding.  We answer all supplier questions, draft the logistical setup and breakdown schedules, debrief the MC, the venue, photographer, videographer, DJ etc

We manage all setups so you don’t need to ‘babysit’ and can rather spend your time with friends and family as they arrive

On the day of the wedding we manage the entire timeline to make sure everything is done on time, as required and to tie into supplier timelines.  We coordinate the kitchen with the speeches, play winglady to the MC, manage the bar tab, meal service, suppliers etc to ensure it’s a smooth sailing occasion to be enjoyed by all

This package involves a lot of behind the scenes work