Alternative Wedding Stationery Mediums

From parchment, wax, to mirrors, Perspex and glass, clients are spoilt for choice as to their options for their wedding or event stationery options. The stationery field has excitingly opened up to unconventional mediums being reeled in to create hype.

As all things design-oriented, designers are on the continous hunt to stretch the limits of possibilities and this has only recently been the case for stationery design.

The cause-and-effect of this scenario has been more cohesive designs which mimic and hint at the theme, or colour scheme, that can be expected. A tailored design, crafted to meet (or even exceed) the planned styling of the event, is the perfect splash that can cause anticipation and expectancy for attending guests.

Looking to launch a new product line, busy with a fresh rebrand, or wanting to hint at a celebration-to-remember, the first point-of-contact can serve its purpose, when styled correctly, to create that anticipation you are after.  It should never be neglected. Marketing efforts or celebration notes can be broken, or made, by these first attempts of host’s to approach their guests.   Not only that but they are cardinal to a good response.

Why go with a standard option when you can set the stage of what’s to come?