Animated Wedding GIFs

Move on over standard Photo-corners and Photobooths as we make way for the millennial influence of customised photo memoires through Animated GIF’s.

As most things new and trendy go, it’s just a matter of time before it gets infiltrated and consumed in overdoes by the public. Animate GIFs have been no exception as there totally mind-blowing illusion of live photo playouts reveals comical amusement of note.

For those at a loss as to what this term means – GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format. This beloved file format of millennials has recently become the most popular tool of web humor, alongside memes and viral videos. Despite it modern day use this image format actually dates back to 1987 when a US Software writer names Steve Wilhite had a goal to develop animated images in the smallest file size possible. Broken down even further GIF’s are a series of images or a soundless video that repeats, or loops, continuously without the need to press a play button.

In Fact, this word has become so widely-used, it was named the 2012 Oxford Dictionary’s Word-of-the-Year.

Once considered juvenile and unprofessional, GIFs are now a fully accepted, often essential tool of social media and social media marketing. Furthermore, they are immediately eye-catching and easily shareable across multiple social networks and portrays a relatable emotion from viewers.

GIF’s use in content and email marketing has been with us for a few years but recent exploration to the private sector’s and events like Weddings are a new-be. Bridal couple’s are in fact now at a spoil of choice when it comes to the entertainment of their guests as they crawl away for their photo portraits.
Not only do they offer a great time-killer activity, but you are blessed with super fun, sharable photo-album images which depicts everything you missed out on while you were chasing golden hour.
Groom’s are usually the first to approve due to their slight more tech-savvy preferences above frills and pastels…so ladies when approving the budget be sure to point out how both of you are getting their preferred entertainment-styling-photo-keepsake token when enlisting this element.
Wedding service provider companies are now riding this tech-wave by offering photo pods where group selfies can be taken, converted to your choice of GIF and shared with all present. These can later be recalled for viewing pleasure and a great way to relive the fun side of the day.

Now there’s something you didn’t ‘GIF’ coming.

Happy snapping