Autumn Styled Shoot

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Autumn. The change in evergreens to fields of copper, gold, bronzes and plums ignites an excitement in me that looks forward to that first lit fire, sipping hot chocolate, warm furry blankets and cozy snuggles. What more could anyone dream of enjoying! Our natural love for colour allows us, during this season, to swim in a bed of warm hues and richness.

Capturing the feeling it creates within us started with an extended list of adjectives – often a key starting point we encourage with our clients as well. What feeling do you want the day/shoot/event or celebration to envoke when people are there or see it afterwards.

In this case scenario some were the expected – warmth, cozy, luxurious, rich, velvety – but then a few were a bit more unexpected – engulfing, sultry, coy, textured, etc.

With a string of words now ‘out there’ we had to paint a picture which will relay just those emotions.

What you see here is the juxtaposition of multiple service providers’ vision for the look, layered and intertwined to create the theme.

Those who have ever planned, or were involved in, a styled shoot will appreciate my comment when I say it’s a bit more stressful. Less time to plan, numerous inputs and decisions from various channels (as opposed to a client/bride and groom when it’s one channel of decision making), no trial runs, or mocks. It’s describing your vision as much as you can, listening to other visions, changing things a bit, and coming together to throw it all together and hoping it works.

And despite the 6, 7, 8 or more visions it usually works out to be pure magic – Braiding services, products, colours, themes and settings into a storey that can only be appreciated when viewed….
So we tease you with these photo nuggets while the magazine is still in print.

The ace team of service providers –

  • Model – @mahren_ida
  • Dress – @cindy_bam
  • Makeup & hair – @helgabridal
  • Photography – @artifex_cp
  • Venue – @langkloofroses_weddings
  • Event Coordinator & Stylist –
  • Flowers – @tessa.slade_floraldesigner
  • Stationary – @h_borcherds
  • Cake – @cuppacakesbymichelle
  • Décor – @tableclothhiring // @Twobirds @Candles4U