Bright and beautiful florals

Bright and beautiful flowers offset with pastels…

2017 brought about the whole ‘texture-upon-texture’ trend.  Overlaying patterns, florals, and prints.  Bold mixed colour palettes allowed for an influx of eclectic designer creations which left us spoilt for choice.

While 2018 will continue to feature and tantalise us with bright and beautiful colour schemes, a firm stand out trend will be the concept of three-dimensional florals.  Bold flower shades will be bled out in tones and shades of similar hue to create and give us this three-dimensional floral trend. 

The concept of ombre-ing has been exercised in the field of all fashionable elements from hair, to nail art to garments.  Take this, stir it up, and you get the 3-D colour expression we predict will be making its rounds in 2018.    

Images courtesy of Pinterest and Google Images