Less Is More

Client’s often believe that OTT installations with layers-upon-layers-upon-layers of florals, linens, stationery and other décor elements are whats necessary to make a high impact event really pop. And while this is great and definitely make a statement, its not always in everyone’s reach.

Here are our top 10 tips for high impact styling techniques which have good results with little more required – these can be applied on numerous fields to give you the perfect feng-shui balance!

Focus on what is important – don’t be distracted by the painting that does not have a place in your space, when you do not have a desk to work on nor an office chair. The main elements need to be considered first, and the décor comes later according to the spaces feeling.

Attention – choose a piece that demands attention, and leave everything else neutral. This will allow for a focal point and will be the highlight of your space.

High quality – decide what your main showcase is in your space. For example, an office would be your desk and chair. These items should be of a high quality and should speak for themselves. Alone they should stand out and make a statement. Less is more is not about a cheaper version, but creating a space that is simple through elegance and class.


Part with it – selectively choosing your possessions and deciding what is truly important in your space. You want to eliminate the busy patterns, bold and confrontational pieces.

Multiply, don’t divide – pairing like objects together and showcasing them as a statement works better than attempting to just place a single object that looks like it was just put there. For example, create a feature clock wall by grouping together different clocks (old, new, big and small) and allowing this to be the main focus of your room.

Colour – the main colour of your space should be neutral and make you feel at ease. Keeping this in mind, decide on a colour that you love and works well for you, e.g.: turquoise, and then add this colours in ‘pops’ around your space. It would be a scatter cushion, vases, wallpaper or a piece of art. This will allow the space to be sophisticated yet personalised to you.


Texture – this is the easiest way to create a focal point in a space. Mixing textures together such as stone and wood, metal and glass can create a stand out alone. They need no embellishments, yet speak for themselves.

Lighting – lighting is perhaps the be all and end all of a space. The proper lighting can change the look and feel instantly. Decide what lighting is needed in the space, task lighting, ambient lighting, etc. Use lighting to illuminate the main feature of the space, for example: in an office, your main feature would be your desk and chair, so purchase a beautiful, modern, tall standing lamp and position it over your desk in order for it to stand out.

Give things plenty of space – allow your objects breathing room. This will highlight their beauty and will ensure that they do not get lost in the crowd of everything around them.


Repetition – repeating like objects in a linear eye helps draw the eye along a path and prevents some items which would seemingly otherwise be ‘sparse’ to appear planned as a focal design.

So there you have it, 10 ways to help you get going to recreate your space into a modern art piece. And remember, the one reason that this trend is a trend is because there is less to take care of.