Wedding Dress Styles 2020

The way 2019 is rolling over it’s no wonder many are turning towards the new season an trends for the 2020 wedding season ahead. Those destined to wed in this new decade of matrimony may have seen the following styles slowly starting to make their appearance in wedding boutiques and off-the-rail of designers.
But in order to understand where this will be propelling us, and what we can still expect to see, we need to head to the direct source, the roots, the beginning. In this case, the bridal fashion runways.

Bring on the season of

  • short suits,
  • jumpsuits,
  • bridal blazers,
  • accessorized skirts
  • puffy sleeves,
  • structured satins,
  • crochet lace gowns and
  • V necklines

Without an overkill of explanations and reasoning we rather tease you with the following images straight off the streets of New Work and the catwalks of Milan.
Those who know us well will know we have a serious obsession with jumpsuits so when these hit the bridal trend, nogals on-parr I have you, we were delirious with excitement.

Jumpsuit wedding gowns and their counterparts

Taking on the juxtaposition to the more traditional jumpsuit we also have the structured lines of short suits and bridal blazers for those inclined to make a seriously strong statement.

Short suits and Bridal blazers

There is something seriously feminine and girly-like when it comes to skirts and this season no woman should feel un-catered for as we embrace a wide variety of styles and twists to this wardrobe staple item. There is no taboo treatment and we have seen the designers play with some very interesting options in the likes of feathers, low-high length styles and detachable over-skirts. So whatever your preference be sure to own it your way.


Accessorized Skirts

With the taunt of the bohemian trend still leaving us suckling at the ropes of macramé, headpieces and jewel tones we also embrace the unique style of the crochet lace gown which are still featuring strongly.

Crochet lace gowns

While its never been a secret that designers are keen to exploit statement pieces and highlights – all in the name of branding and glossy spreads – we actually think their take on the renaissance era’s puffy sleeves may be something that WILL make the bridal boutiques. While your reference may be of OTT side saddle sleeves the modern version is slightly softer, some even whimsical and others an extension of the dress.

Puffy Sleeve gowns

While lace will always be featured wedding gown style preference for some brides structured satins will remerge as an equally strong, yet less frilly, counterpart which makes a bold statement in its understated elegance.

Satin gowns

Plunging V-necklines have a sensual appeal and those who can pull this look off will be spoilt for choice this season as this design line is explored through a range of materials from lace to tulle, silks and satins.

V Neckline

Scoops out so be sure to watch for these trending features in the season ahead as you scout your way through wedding couture freedom.