What’s Your Stripe

Trending – What’s your Stripe?

Vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, traditional or modern, stripes make a bold statement.

Whether you want to create an elegant and sophisticated look, or a fun and playful ambience, using stripes can achieve this while at the same time setting you apart for the trend followers.

Stripes are versatile, making them ideal for your space. Stripes inspire energy subconsciously, hence the reason that they are suitable for almost any look and feel that you are aiming to create. Not only can you use stripes on your walls, your floors, your furniture or décor, mix and match the colours and you have yourself a timeless space that will inspire, but you can also play up the illusion of strips by toying with shadows. Stripes have the power to reshape a space, as well as adding a polished element to the look.

Stripes mix well with just about everything. From solid colours to patterns and print, floral or animal and all types of textures. Stripes are versatile, using them with tone on tone colours (dark grey and light grey) or daring colours mixed (red and blue), can change the atmosphere to suit your needs.
Classic stripes are the same width, yet to create a modern focal point, stripes of different thicknesses are ideal. Using the same tone colours creates a space that is soft and classical, but goes brighter or more contrasting creates a space that is powerful.

The next question is horizontal or vertical? The answer, easy! If you want your space to feel elongated, it is best to use horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes are also seen as more edgy and playful. If you want your space to feel higher, the answer is vertical stripes. These make a bold statement and create the feeling of sophistication. In order to make an impact with your stripes, consider this: larger spaces need thicker stripes in order to make an impact, but not overly distracting to the eye. The smaller the space, the thinner the stripes, but not too small that the effect is crowded. Use subtly paint techniques with your stripes, for example: using a light grey in two textures, matt and glass, can add perceived depth and will make an impact without being overly confrontational. The more your colours contrast (black and white), the more masculine your space will feel. Keep this in mind when deciding on a colour palette and what you want your space to say about you.

If you are not overly thrilled with the idea of having striped feature walls, then you can incorporate stripes in many other ways. Think scatter cushions, table runners, chair fabrics, etc. Use contrasting colours compared to your current space so that the stripes ‘pop’ and create a statement. Stripes are the ideal way to create innovative, unusual, and impressive statements to those who are in your space.

So there you have it, it’s time to get creative and think about how you are going to incorporate this timeless style into your event space.