Events Coordinated // Adri & Vincent // The Lord Milner, Matjiesfontein

Intense.  Point.

When you meet and come to know Adri & Vincent better you will understand why this word is so applicable to them.  You see, most would say that intense would deem to mean something just just unbearable – intense heat, intense pressure, intense stress.  In the majority of cases its used in a negative context.  But intense can also mean just that – intense colour, intense pleasure, intense taste – it’s something so impactful that it changes your idea of that concept for life.

This is exactly how they live life – in its fullest – to the extreme.  And their celebration could be nothing other then a true reflection of that.  So they went all out and planned their own little African Burn get-together for nearest and dearest in the heart of the quaint karroo dorpie – Matjiesfontein.

Their weekend festivities kick-started with a Gatsby Street dinner on the Friday night.  Feather boas, tall candelebras, a swing band and feather headpieces were the order of the day as the tone was set for the epic party that would be the actual wedding day.

Throw in a bit of tennis, pool games, yoga and an Easter egg hunt (afterall it was Easter weekend) and you would definitely get the idea that the comfort, enjoyment and relaxation of the guests was a top priority.

Dry dam beds were given a humanistic make over to play host to the ceremony formalitites as Kelims were lined to create our aisle runner, macrame backdropes were woven and arched – rounded off with the skilled floral works of Janine from Foraged – and tassle parasols were dragged closer to provide the necessary shading. With guests conglomerating under the settting sun the landscape magically transformed to golden hues with touches of pink.

Our ladies had a spontaneous time of laughing preparations.  The prettifying was done with just the right Je Ne sais quoi by the go-to team Nandi & Alet – ladies you looked stunning.

With the necessary mexican courage remedy taken just before the ceremony we were on our way…red bus in tow as Johnny played chauffeur to the bus load of bridesmaids and one seriously stylish bride.

The ceremony, much like all events of the weekend, was one of true, sentimental but utterly spontaneous moments.  Hewitt – your eye for the candid moments is truly remarkable – you were like a cricket on a cricket pitch – all over the show to ensure that this moment could be relived for years to come from every possible angle.

As 160 guests took the karroo-walk to the next event – the happy hour – in the cactus garden and crawly gardens of the Lord Milner Hotel.  A towering cheese stack offered savoury bliss as games of beer-pong, a G & T station and a margarita station quinched their thirst from the days fun-filled eventing.

Being an interior designer Adri wanted a look that reminisced the Karoo and it’s lanscape.  Sandy shades of oatmeal, burgandy, golden yellows and bright reds would form our colour palette of play.  Warm, earthy textures made for a homey feel – one you could sink your back into, and just ‘be’.

The night was very much in it’s new-born stage as guests were entertained by no less then 3 DJ’s – all friends of our bridal couple.  Tommy Gun, RumSwingers, Jews of Techno – you boys sure know how to throw a decent party.

Without a doubt guests were left with a weekend of eventful spoils, a hello-of-a-bash and the flirtatious matrimony of a couple who have grown deep in our hearts.  Adri & Vincent it was an honour to coordinate your wedding weekend.  You two are amazing people – not only did we personally experience this but the testiment is 160 peeps taking a 3hr drive from Cape Town to take part in your wedding celebrations.  Always live life to the fullest and remain as humble as you are!

Key Role Players –

Venue // The Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein

Photography // Hewiit Wright

Videography // Sunsets Avant

Hair and Makeup // Nandi & Alet

Flower works // Foraged

Entertainment // Jews of Techno / Tommy Gun / Rumswinger


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