Shoots Planned and Styled // Chinoiserie Inspiration

18th century Europe saw the age of the Enlightenment era in emerging Europe. This life philosophy embraces and promotes individualism and ‘challenge’-orientated thinking. While it’s main experimental field was seen in the world of science we saw some very definite influences in arts.

The concept of tradition was put aside to allow more freedom for new and defining styles which often mixed two worlds.
Chinoiserie was just such a style – embracing a strong influence of Eastern lines, patterns, Zen motifs and oriental styles into a very much (at that stage) stereotypically European art style. The freshness of the design married two worlds that, prior to this time, did not mix readily.

During our recent shoot we wanted to embrace this design theme and depict it in a fresh, modern manner while breaking the structured lines with loose, freestyle florals. The key was balance between lines and motifs while keeping the theme light and floral and not too structured.

Our main colour scheme included Maple, denim blue, white and touches of apricot and cherry blossom. These were continued from table scapes to stationery design while table arrangements featured white bougainvillea, Eucalyptus and ash tree branches. Subtle touches of gold accented the table to add a touch of grandeur and elegance to an otherwise plain stated depiction of the look.

Our plate selection incorporated patterned white motifs overlaid with blue & white china side plates. Cut-glass Crystal wine glasses gave us the defined lines for the style while the moulded emerald tumblers broke the orderly arrangement and complimented the looseness of the florals.

All-in-all we had a heck of a blast outing together these two styles in a way that’s fun while equally elegant and sophisticate.

And as always a conglomeration of so many elements came together through the unique skill set of a phenominal team of service providers.  You all rocked this concept and added a your own special touch for which we cannot thank you enough

Special thanks to –

Venue – Bosjes

Photography – ArtPhoto

Florals – Kadou

Stationery – Fleur Design Studio

Dinnerware & Stemware – Two Birds and Table Cloth Hiring

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