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OMG, LOL’s and LMKlaaaaa’s are probably the best suited acronyms to use when describing this eccentric couple who leave you belly clutching with laughter. Lizzie & Steve crossed our paths through past client references who happen to be guests at our Steampunk wedding hosted at Truth Coffee a few years back.
Don’t you just love it when two worlds collide and ignite in a flame of like-minded gibberish conversation that never ends.

Well this was just our experience with Lizzie & Steven; when most wedding-intended skype sessions spontaneously get drifted by common ground and the field-day of opportunities – these would become the next avenue to explore and consider when we (eventually) got back to the main topics of discussion and the personalisation of their wedding day.

In fact Lizzie & Steve sought any chance to incorporate little experiences that were reminiscent of their relationship so that everyone can experience this on the day – from Darth Raider entrance music as a prank to Lizzie to a mock-fight with the DJ on the first dance song. What’s not to say about Steve’s best man forgetting the ring in the boy’s room – only to discover this after the ceremony was already underway.

Lizzie’s keen inclination towards colour spoke to every styling cell in our body as we depicted a wild, free and colourful day of celebration to them and their attending, mainly UK, guests. To many it was their first trip to South Africa – and what a way to experience ‘dark’ Africa with tri-daily load shedding schedules and 38◦C summer days….if they will be back remains to be proven but by the measure of party they experienced it sure will leave them with valuable memories.

Blistering feet were not only the evidence of the heat but also the endless party vibes as Silent Disco’s kept guests entertained until 5h00 the morning. For those who had their doubts, this is a sure hit and keeps the party going, grooving away to your channel of choice as your fellow dancers boogie with you. For on-lookers this surely provide a giggle or two as the playing song is guessed purely by the odd shout-out or hand gestures (envision a twister-like scene of tangling hands and arms as YMCA is sung out at 2am) leaving not only dancers but also viewers with a reason to keep the party going.

This party would not have been made without the key assistance on many role-players who set the tone and opened a new chapter of experience at each interval.

Thank you to each and every one of you:

Photographer – Moira West
Videography – Salt Video Productions
DJ – Cape DJ’s
Band – Cocolo by My Oh My Entertainment
Ceremony Music – Wired Strings
Catering – Red Pepper
Photobooth – Retro Photobooth
Ice Creams – Las Paletas
Silent Disco – Silent Events
Minister – I do Weddings

Décor and Styling –
• Flowers – Celeste Styled Events
• Stationery – Lezanne’s Designs
• Lighting – To-Netts
• Dance Floor – To-Netts
• Furniture – In and Out Events
• Trees – Green Décor
• Lawn Games – To-Netts
• Tee-Pee’s – Family Friend
• Cake – Family Friend

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