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Styling, the next step –

Previously we touched base on why the conventional, book-taught and referred, method of going about wedding styling planning is taboo.  For those just tuning in now, read the full article here Behind the Scenes // Personification of your Wedding.  This left many wondering ‘how is it done otherwise?’ and today we will focus on this specific step as part of your wedding planning process – namely, creating your mojo.

Now don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is a GREAT tool, but it can easily distract you from what is important and soon you will find yourself flooded with the randomised images which is why so many Wedding day boards are all over the place and have no fluidity.


Our process is a fun-filled game of ‘tell me what you are not telling me’ – meaning we want to get to know you better as a couple.  By doing so we gain a better understanding of your personalities, your likes, and potentially your dislikes.  Narrowing down the numerous options has never been easier than concentrating on what you are attracted to, other than each other (hopefully 😊).  Whats your vibe?

The foodie’s –

The explorers and finders of interesting, happening places –

The music lovers – be it rock or classic –

 We concentrate on certain key questions related to your relationships as well as your individual dreams, style-definitions and brand attractions.  In addition, we analyse what you are currently pinning – what other boards do you have going, what are your fetishes, your interior designs appeals, your wardrobe style, shoe-obsessions, secret holiday rendezvous’ etc.  If it’s there we will find it – a great and powerful thing as it tells us so much about who you as an individual are.

Once we have a better understanding of our clients we streamline the styling pitches we can make to you as client and then the process becomes a whole lot more colourful.

By taking the essence of who you as a couple are, we design and develop three moodboards (a.k.a splash page) ALL of which will work with your persona, your colour scheme and your venue.  That’s right, NO wasting time juggling about possibilities that are not possible, we get to the core, quickly!

All you as client need to determine is –

  • Which moodboard appealed to you most?
  • For what reason have you selected that board? And
  • On the boards eliminated, were there any individual pictures that you did like, it just the overall board did not appeal as much as the one selected?

The answers to these questions sets the stage for your final moodboard which, in 99% of the cases, is the one signed off by the client.  This board defines you, your day and your visual appeal, as a couple.  It will bring in all those elements that you previously saw and liked but did not know how to combine.  We make it work while you define what we were working towards…only you didn’t know it at the stage.

Not only will your day offer an exclusive style, but it will also become a pin-able image of what many other brides could only dream of creating and pinning to their, yet undefined, Wedding day board.

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