Events Planned // Tess & Wes // De Uiljenes, Gansbay

Ever get that feeling when you meet someone for the first time that you have known them for ages? Like you were intertwined in a dream? Or introduced at a heck of a party which you cannot readily recall the specifics of due to the great time you had, but when you re-meet you feel like the conversation just flows where it previously could have left off?
Tess & Wes were exactly those types of clients. Over the course of their 14 month planning journey we found ourselves in numerous conversations non-wedding related; – sharing their epic adventures, latest celebrity guests on board their yacht that they charter all over the world, or special memories they were sharing to interlock with the wedding day.

Their planning was a feast of entertaining little stories and details – something we find is right up our alley because, as they say, it’s all about the detail! Those little touches that make your day personal and which carry a story for others to ask about, and which they in turn, carry with them.

From private church bells to a song written specifically for the groom and tone-set to present on the night as the bride’s speech – this wedding sure left many of their guests in awe. Then again, they could only expect some wild cards when, in the invite already, they were requested to wear white.

We recall some guests sharing with us that they expected Tess to be wearing a red dress as contrast to the sea of white attire everyone clothed themselves in. If you know Tess you would know that this was not entirely impossible.

But let’s start at the beginning of what would be a weekend of celebrations. Tess & Wes are owners of a luxury yacht that charters VIP’s and celebrirties all over the Atlantic and Mediteranean Sea.  Their life is fast-paced, long hours with little time, space nor resources for sentiment.  Their wedding had to be the complete opposite.  They wanted something off the beaten track and which will allow all their guests to laze away while sharing in their celebrations.  We took them all the way to Gansbaai, to the magical venue that’s De Uiljenes –  a cacooned spot perfect for disappearing and trotting about.

For this couple it was all about the little surprise elements, so we had to make special measure to have all installations down before anyone arrived on site. With the amount of ceiling work at play, as well as a custom-made driftwood chandelier which would later be suspended in their home in Camp’s Bay, this was a tricky task and involved a drapped closure being erected in the odd case that some guests may have roaming eyes. This was ripped off last minute just before guests entered the reception hall on the Saturday.

Because of this blindfold we were able to stylistically fidget away at leisure throughout the Thursday and during the eventful Friday night while we coordinated the before party. Snow machines and fire dancers were the highlight of the night as guests enjoyed food stations and a bohemian picnic underneath the stars.

This set the perfect tone for the Saturday’s wedding day – everyone being very relaxed, sleeping-in if they choose to, or going for scenic strolls in the early morning hours. Harvest tables piled to the brim with cheese, charcuterie, home-made focaccia, health and farm bread, lined the belly as we prepared for the feast that would be the wedding reception the evening.

Mary Gouveia did her magic on Tess, although with a naturally beauty such as she, that did not take very much work. Wes is naturally a true skipper and was easily walking around, instructing assistance and assisting where ever he could. We think it was the nerves but he handled it quite well 😊.

A flood of white attire made their walk-of-freedom down to the ceremony area where a very eager Wes could no longer contain his excitement. Tess arrived all bright and poised – the natural lady she is – while her father was struggling to not show his emotion. After a brief hug and hand squeeze to make sure her low blood pressure was not going to gain the best of her we provided the necessary queues for the fun-filled bridal walk down the aisle. Each bridesmaid slide, danced, jumped or swaged their way into the ceremony underneath the tall umbrella arch before Tess made her gracious walk down the aisle with her father’s support. A special note “Daddy, of all the walk’s we have ever taken before, this one I will remember forever” marked the end of the forest stroll before the last bit of aisle led her into Wes’ arms. A moment we will never forget – beautiful raw emotion caught by Dean Maber of both Wes and Tess’s father that brings a tear to anyone viewing the images.

The night was a great one, with surprise performances, an interactive DJ, floating Dom Pedro’s, and another fire dancer performance.
This was a fun-filled, head-turning, epic event – it certainly left us with lasting memories!

Key Role Player –

Venue // De Uiljenes, Gansbaai

Wedding Planning, Styling and Coordination // Celeste Styled Events

Decor and lighting // To-Netts Decor

Wedding dress // Wedding Boutique

Photography // Dean Maber

Videography // Mustard Seed

DJ and Entertainment // The Wedding DJ’s

Hair and Make-up Artist // Mary Gouveia

Flowers // Celeste Styled Events

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